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NHS Vouchers and Eye Care Vouchers

We accept all major credit/debit cards, personal cheques, postal orders, NHS Vouchers and Accor Eyecare vouchers. We normally ask you to pay in the normal way via Credit or Debit card or and then send your completed voucher after you have received the goods and we will refund you via your card. Alternatively if your NHS voucher is fully signed on both sides and endorsed appropriately or you have your Eyecare voucher you can send it with your order by post using our order form. Though we are happy to accept these vouchers, we cannot give partial refunds if the voucher exceeds the value of the glasses. Please ring our helpline for more information and advice on 0871 2884331.

How much is your NHS Optical Voucher worth?

The actual value of your NHS Optical Voucher depends on the power of your prescription. This is indicated by a code (A, B, E, or F) written on the front of the GOS3 Optical Voucher form. A box next to this code is ticked if tints or prisms are prescribed by your optometrist.


Important NHS Voucher Values (April 2008) are shown below:












If you are not clear on how to use your voucher, or what the exact value is, please contact our customer service team on 0871 2884331.


If you don't have an NHS Spectacle Voucher and you think that you are entitled to one, you can obtain a form HC1 from your local optician, post office, or your local DSS office. This form guides you through the process of application.

Example of a Yellow NHS Voucher






What are Eyecare Vouchers?

The Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations of 1992 state that habitual users of VDU's are entitled to regular eye examinations paid for by their employer. To comply with this requirement, many employers issue Accor Eyecare Vouchers, which can then be redeemed against the cost of eye examinations and spectacles.


How do I use Eyecare Vouchers?

After your eye examination, your optician will complete a VDU Certificate of Recommendation. Make sure it is signed and stamped and you receive two copies. One copy must be given to the person who issued you the Eye Examination Voucher, and the other should be kept for your records.

The report form determines whether you require and are eligible for a pair of basic single vision spectacles, specifically for VDU work. If box C or D are ticked your employer will provide you with a Spectacle Voucher. Under the legislation there is no requirement for tinted frames or other extras.

The Spectacle Voucher can be used against the full cost of a pair of basic single vision lens spectacles, however, if you wish to make your own contribution and purchase the frames and lenses of your choice the Spectacle Voucher will provide a financial contribution.

I don't have a voucher - can I still get help with the cost of my spectacles?

If you require spectacles and you use a VDU (computer screen) for your job, you may still be entitled to a a contribution from your employer. to see the criteria used to evaluate whether or not you are entitled help: Display Screen Equipment Work 'Guidance on Regulations' 1992. and see our information about  corporate eyewear.



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